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Ten Tenets of the Empowerment Code

Foundational Terrain

The Empowerment Code is the first worldwide model that teaches wellness and productivity management based on proven decision-making principles of the immune system. Following ten central tenets, our training model applies immune-system wisdom to assess and enhance the Communication Culture of a work environment.

  1. Empowering mandates in an organization are more conducive to wellness than incentives to modify lifestyles.

  2. The wellness and productivity cohesiveness of an organization is determined by its cultural language.

  3. The mandates of an organization is either empowering or disempowering.

  4. Empowerment is learned, rather than an inherent trait of leaders.

  5. The individual freedom and authority of empowerment should be introduced gradually.

  6. Self-worthiness determines the amount of Empowerment that an individual can assimilate without self-sabotaging or compromising wellness.

  7. No amount of external incentives can sustain individual wellness without Empowerment.

  8. Paradigm shifts are difficult to implement because of entrenched fears, rather than due to executive incompetence.

  9. Anticipated joy is perceived as more stressful than known misery.

  10. Job satisfaction is more directly related to individual empowerment based on meaning and access to resources than to monetary gains, incentives, promotions, and fringe benefits.

Such is the way of Empowerment...

Your invitation to explore hybrid leadership...

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