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Ageless Leadership

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

What does this have to do with the Empowerment Code?


Because we are developing ageless leaders.

Now, we can proceed...

Younger Today

Today's blog is an excerpt of work I published several years ago. The focus is on my adaptation of the research of Harvard psychology professor Dr. Ellen Langer, who demonstrates how aging can be reversed. Time cannot be reversed, but you can reverse its biological effects.

The future Dr. Martinez at age 12 in Miami, FL

An Invitation to my age-reversal experiment...

  • Find a photo of when you were much younger and keep on your cell phone or personal device.

  • After viewing the photo, close your eyes and go into your inner world to introspect.

  • Recall joyful memories of those younger days and observe how you experience them in your body.

  • Do something joyful in the present as if you were the age you imagine, including the level of energy and excitement for life you had in those days.

  • Practice the technique throughout the day always starting with looking at the picture you chose to refresh the mindbody effects of your retrieved memories.

  • You should practice this technique for at least one week.

Further Clarification

Memory cells age, but memories are ageless. Not remembering is mostly related to the emotions and contexts associated with memory than with cognitive deterioration. This is why we remember people who inspired us and tend to forget those who ignored us.

When looking at a photo of a younger you, you are scanning memory archives of people who inspired you. As you observe how the memory is expressed in your mindbody, precious thoughts and emotions are relived. What you sense and what you feel yield answers to what I call the felt meaning signature of the memory.

Bringing back the felt meaning throughout the day of the people who inspired you, brings additional mindbody value to the anti-aging effect. This does not mean you pretend you were the younger you. Instead, you experience the vitality, hopes, dreams, and freshness of the younger you with an ageless mindfulness. You inhabit renewed space rather than accumulated memory time.

By living in the present with the embodied memories of the vitality from your past, the biocognitive information in your memory archives becomes ageless to be visited throughout your long wellness journey.

Additionally, as you look at the photos of a younger you and recall memories of how you used to walk (speed, gait, smoothness, lightness, etc.), you are embodying the felt meaning they generate. If you have walking difficulties (cane, wide gait, imbalance, etc), approximate the younger movements gradually, prudently, and with much patience.

Do not rush the experience. Give your body time to inhabit the new space rather than to accumulate time.

Remember... you are on an interminable journey.

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