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An Organizational Language of Wellness and Productivity

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

Lessons from the Immune System

Our Empowerment Code model offers a unique approach to wellness and productivity management that can be implemented in any work environment where policy makers can commit to shifting paradigms. Based on how the immune system makes decisions to sustain mindbody wellness, our Communication Culture Code assesses how an organization's productivity strategies may be triggering or exacerbating chronic illnesses.

Research in psychoneuroimmunology suggests the immune system makes incalculable decisions to maintain a delicate balance between under and over responding to internal and external mindbody adversities. Rather than relying on the brain as a central administrator, the immune system independently identifies challenges and makes decisions based on the contextual conditions it encounters. The process is fluidly adaptive and self-regulating.

The Empowerment Code is the first worldwide model that teaches wellness and productivity management based on proven decision-making principles of the immune system. Following Ten Tenets, our training model applies immune-system wisdom to assess and enhance the Communication Culture Code of a work environment.

Your invitation to explore hybrid leadership...

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