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How Much Do You Value Selfhood?

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

If you go to saunas and steam rooms with your cell or headphones, you choose entertaining

distractions over self-reflection.

If you use your cell or headphones while eating by yourself or with others, you choose

distracting technology over breaking bread.

If you ghost someone you are texting, you choose rudeness over elegance.

If you text rather than call or be present to end a relationship you choose cowardliness over


If you betray a partner or friend, you choose unworthiness over honor.

If you are given opportunity to be completely honest, and you lie, you choose disdain over


If you check social media upon awakening, you choose superficiality over mindfulness.

If you laugh from your head rather than your stomach, you choose social compliance over

genuine joy.

All the negative indicators I outlined here contribute to increasing stress hormones and

decreasing immune enhancement because they deprive you of the causes of health.

If you want to learn how to honor selfhood and nourish your wellness, join my monthly

webinar Healing the Wounded Hero.

To the Rightness of the Moment…


For more personal journey tools, join my monthly webinar Healing the Wounded Hero

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