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On Personal Truth

Updated: May 8, 2021

Mario Martinez

Truth is the reality we experience. But truth is much more than disclosure because the expression of our reality needs to be deconstructed to differentiate our personal truth from the cultural truth we are taught to believe. Cultures impose realities compelling us to live and disclose them in order to be deemed honest. Then truthfulness is defined as disclosure of the reality we were taught to live rather than the truth we could access if we decide to be existentially honest with our selfhood.

But what if you choose to live a truth that is incompatible with the cultural rules you learned, and you are asked to be truthful? If you disclose your personal truth, you face tribal disapproval, and if you express what your culture wants to hear, then you embrace the private shame of a liar. A no win situation.

The option I propose is not about winning. It is rather about living in harmony with your personal truth, even when you choose not to disclose it. And here is the liberation to live your truth: If your truth is not acceptable to the standards of your culture, you can test its inherent morality so you can avoid illnesses triggered by living cultural lies. If your truth has meritorious meaning, service, and purpose, then you can be at peace without needing to disclose it or confirm its value with the cultural inquisition that haunt your worthiness.

Living your personal truth requires courage to embrace selfhood and disengage from cultural constraints.

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