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On The Rightness of the Moment

An Architecture of Elegance…

What I call The Rightness of The Moment, is action determined by the elegance we express in times of disillusionment, unrequited love, aggression and any other challenge to our integrity. But what is elegance?

It is certainly not simply taking the high road because elegance requires more than doing what is socially expedient. In fact, elegance can be very defiant because it requires a moral compass rather than acquiescence to groupthink. Elegance resides in a terrain of courage, nobleness, laudableness, empathy, civility, and self-valuation.

Elegance, however, is not complacency, obsequiousness, pseudo humbleness or martyrdom for the sake of avoiding tribal reprisal. In order to maintain boundaries of self-respect, elegance can be firm and robust in establishing limits of integrity. Elegance can also embrace righteous anger when goodwill is violated by those who abuse our trust.

Given the fine line between doing what must be done and how to do it during challenges, elegance is a powerful guide to calibrate between self-preservation and respecting others: drawing from our best when tempted to be our worst.

Yet, there are times when we must deal with egregious people who can derail us into harm’s way. Elegance can still prevail during aggressive conditions: I recall what I learned while earning my black belt in Tae Kwon Do. When facing physical harm, maintain elegance by protecting self while inflicting minimum damage on the aggressor.

The instance we step into our elegance, we summon courage that can move mountains, demand what is rightfully ours, detach from tribal approval, and individuate into our serene worthiness.

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