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Five Navigational Archetypes

Masking and Unmasking in the Private Journey of Self

Ego is the mask we wear to live within the constraints of social and cultural rules.

This archetype is necessary to live within the pale, and in the process, relinquish selfhood.

Demon is the mask we wear when living with the delusion of perfection.

This masking serves us well in the land of fossils without discovery: no gain, much pain.

Prostitute is the mask we wear when the end justifies the means.

This mask only works well when we live without a moral compass.

And in moments of despair, when we sell our soul.

Passion is the unmasking that brings meaning to our mission and inspiration to our world.

But beware of those who live to entice you back into mediocrity.

Greatness is the unmasking of our pseudo-humbleness, mediocrity, and complacency to claim our unique excellence without apologies.

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