Anthropology of Sustainable Change

The Construction of Cultural Time and Space

Why is lasting change so difficult to achieve? Why are there so many people who are invested in killing your dreams? Why do you feel awkward when you enter a space of personal greatness? Because we live in a fishbowl where we learn cultural premises to see the world with blinders to our horizons of possibilities beyond the pale. But this awareness is not sufficient to thrive: You have to know how your cultural editors molded you before you can defy the myths they taught you to believe.

Myths Within the Fishbowl

  • You have to accept your limitations.

  • Not everyone can succeed.

  • The poor are noble.

  • Wealth corrupts.

  • Geniuses are born.

  • You are a slave of your genetic deterioration in aging.

Beyond the Pale: Debunking Myths

  • Most limitations are set by others who project