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The Challenge of Living Our Truth

Why is it so difficult to enact our truth? To express what we believe, and allow others to accept or reject our offerings? Trust in our Journey is what engages the capacity to conceptualize rejection as invitation to disengage from what does not serve us well.

When someone rejects us we can choose to perceive the cause as personal flaw or as gift to avoid a terrain of disillusionment. So, be at peace when someone refuses to coauthor joy. In the language of their higher Self, they are warning us of the potential danger we face if we choose to ignore their darkness.

Thrive with the knowledge that you are the sole owner of your journey and the exclusive keeper of your truth. But understand that personal truth is not relative or self-righteously imposed on others. Truth, at its highest attainment, is grounded on a moral compass guided by exalted emotions and pristine cognitions, free of cultural constraints.

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