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The Ovideo Effect in Guardians of the Heart

Transparency in the Coauthoring of Love

In Guardians of the Heart, my model for healthy relationships, the Ovideo Effect is the unambiguous language, and the Drift is the coauthoring pathway. The Oviedo Effect provides transparency of communication, and the Drift invites shifting from the helplessness of fate to the empowerment of destiny.

In this proposed scenario, incidental learning explores the terrains of meaning that sustain behavior. These concepts may seem esoteric because Guardians of the Heart introduces a new paradigm to navigate the Drift within the horizons of love.

If interested, you must drop hidden agendas, fear of offending others with your transparency, and willingness to accept refusal of your invitation for authenticity, as rejection of your gift rather than indictment of personal flaw. The two guiding agents for the journey are courage and discipline: a convergence of self-valuation and trust.

The Poetics of Transparency

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