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Further Lessons on The Oviedo Effect

Transparency Is One of the Causes of Longevity

After coining the term Oviedo Effect and defining it as unambiguous communication without fear of being misunderstood, let's explore the deeper implications of transparency free of hidden agendas. Not an easy task in these times of political correctness imposed by the Latte Inquisition at the expense of authenticity. To a certain degree, a fear that openness may insult others. A dichotomy between being your true self and being liked. Unfortunately, many wait to reach old age before they can embrace the Oviedo Effect and give others permission to not like directness. What a waste of living with the weight of a cultural mask.

After investigating healthy centenarians worldwide, I found they intuitively speak "Oviedian" fluently and unapologetically. I argue that, from the beginning of their journey, rather than waiting until reaching their existential Winter, centenarians live in their ubiquitous Spring. I propose that genuine selfhood cohesiveness between who we are and how we present ourselves to the world, is one of the causes of health. A way of learning longevity at any age.

Identify your existential elegance, cultivate it, communicate it, and give small minds the choice to not like you. Healthy longevity requires entering outliership to individuate with your inherent gifts and find serenity beyond herd approval.

For more information read my bestseller The MindBody Code 

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