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Selfhood at the Edge of Uncertainty

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

I propose that what our cultures teach us about uncertainty limit our creativity, agency, and trust in our journey. Uncertainty is perceived as something to avoid and fear. Yet, learning to live at the edge of uncertainty welcomes replacing confirmation with discovery. We learn by confronting the unknown to extract wisdom rather than validate what we already know.

Since our survival instincts places priority on what we perceive as dangerous, fear becomes our teacher to bring us out of unpredictability. But if we learn how to navigate the terrain of uncertainty, the pursuit of novelty replaces the avoidance of curiosity.

Our brain thrives on overcoming vicissitude, engaging resilience, and learning at the edge of uncertainty.

Welcome the unknown, find mediocrity in existential reruns, and place your faith in the auspiciousness of your journey. Such is the way of the Drift…

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