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On the Contemplative Journey IV...

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

Part Four

Selective perception is another fundamental component of the contemplative quest. Rather than the pseudoscience proposed in the Law of Attraction, selective perception provides a method of discerning signal from noise in the inner experienced world as well as the outer world of the senses. While the Law of Attraction assumes we “attract” what we wish, selective perception discovers the signals (cues) afforded by our internal and external environments to maximize attainting our wishes. For example, the moment we want to buy an Omega watch, we begin to see it in ads, and people wearing it, not because we attract the watch, but rather because our selective perception tunes into the signal that gained significance in our world.

On the contemplative path we can refine our selective perception in a special way. In addition to purposely embodying our focused awareness to confirm desired signals in the world of our senses, with our contemplative explorations we can discover internal signals that can minimizing the time needed to attain our wishes and improve our navigational skills. Thus, the contemplative methods provide tools that detect external as well as internal signals to reach desired goals.

Gradually, as we gain proficiency in applying internal tools such as inner selective perception, synchronicity, insight, feedforward, and intuition, our ability to navigate the contemplative journey and identify the parameters that govern our experienced world, we become practitioners of an inner dimension as robust as the empirical science of the senses and its extended instruments of perception.

To be continued...

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