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On the Contemplative Journey III…

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

Part Three

Since the seamless fabric of the contemplative journey includes the experienced inner world and the perceived outer world, the exploration requires determining how much of selfhood is attributes imposed by cultural editors and how much is acquired from personal reflection and challenged abilities. This differentiation affords the contemplative seeker a path to shed culturally imposed identity, and gain individuation based on pristine selfhood from the perspective of who we are rather than what we were told to be.

Pristine selfhood is an open book choosing fate and defying destiny. The journey unfolds in a quest for being in the process of becoming. Not a possible task within the cultural pale. But the challenges are insurmountable when we mindlessly underestimate the power of the internal demons planted by well-meaning cultural editors who unwittingly dictate the prescriptions for our lives. Sadly, many go through life not knowing they are acting out scripts from a tragical play without redemption.

We frequently deviate from the contemplative journey to hopelessly seek validation, and only finding further admonishments for daring to question life beyond the pale. The seeker must vindicate self, forgive self, redeem self and free self, throughout the journey guided by a moral compass that reveals contemplative truth. And where is this truth to be found? In the undulations of The Drift. Analogous to bringing your ear to the ground and diligently discovering the pulsations of the Earth.

To be continued…

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