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Misunderstood Self-Sabotage

Self-sabotage is not masochistic.

Self-sabotage is a learned strategy to avoid the turbulence of good fortune. When we fail to recognize our worthiness, moving out of known misery is as threatening as confronting a wild beast. Shifting mindbody states, whether for better or for worse, causes turbulence. Thus, rather than giving pathological labels to our misery, biocognition offers wellness tools to navigate chaos with uncertainty as your guide.

Rather than trying to modify fearful behavior, biocognition identifies the terrains that support turbulence. But before you can explore turbulence, you must identify how you became a disciple of pain. To change behavior, you have to identify the cultural editors that taught you how to limit your good fortune.

Now we can go to the terrain that supports turbulence...

  • Dampers of Becomingness: Learned blocks on the path to selfhood.

  • Rat Psychology: Constraints of the merit system that can only reward or punish.

  • Disowning Agency: Blindness to personal contribution of outcome.

Stepping out of the terrain of turbulence requires confronting your discomfort in sustained serenity, good fortune, and deservingness. Performance is behavior to reach an objective. Once the objective is reached, the choices are to judge your worthiness (whether you deserve it or not) or to accept the abundance of health, wealth, and love as your inherent endowments.

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