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On the Contemplative Journey I...

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Part One:

Within our experienced world (ümwelt) there’s nothing we can measure objectively. We can only measure how our mindbody registers our phenomenology rather than the experience itself. A thought, an emotion, a sensation, a memory can only be captured in our physiology. I propose that the contemplative path can provide methodology to navigate and enhance the immeasurable self that resides in our experienced world by applying the inner science developed by Western and Eastern contemplatives.

In the realm of our experienced world, phenomena can be linear as well as non-linear: sequential or not sequential, having determinable origin or not.

Given the complexity of the bioinformational field, synchronicity is one of the non-linear events we can experience. Synchronicity is perceived as an out-of-order event with meaningful coincidence. What I call the Drift is the undulations from the Source of infinite wisdom (deity, nature, collective unconscious) contained within a bioinformational field. The Drift is the potential unfolding of guidance and insights with significance for the private journey of self.

These emergences from an implicate order require designating them contextual relevance before they can yield their intended value. The contemplative path teaches how to discern The Drift with observation rather than interpretation until the non-linear signal unfolds significance on its own. The relevance and guidance are accessible only to keen eyes who choose to enter The Drift with a leap of faith.

No amount of evidence can propel the seeker into outlier action without burning the ships of doubt sailing in a sea of ancestral dread. Our cultures teach us conventionality and collectivism to function within the pale. Outliership begins when we question how our cultural editors are constraining our individuation: Life beyond the pale. While our physical world unfolds in time-space segments of past, present, and future, our experienced world can formulate as if scenarios of a seamless dimension free of physical constrains.

In addition to non-linear events, such as synchronicity, in this seamless dimension we can also explore timelessness collapsing past, present, and future into biocognitive registries to experience a future-present with what I call feedforward events. While feedback draws on experiences from the past to inform the present, feedforward constructs a felt as if future to also inform the present. Complexity frees our mindbody reality horizons to expand heuristically with unlimited potential to navigate the depth of selfhood.

To be continued…

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