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On Love

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

Love, is the most exalted emotion humans have cultivated to bestow value in self and others, celebrate joy in good fortune, face fear with resolute, and confront mortality with wisdom of having lived the good life.

Love, inspires poems that dance around beauty, opens portals of admiration free of envy, enters terrains of hope, and engages courage to believe, without evidence, in something greater than a world of vulgar eyes.

Although love is not a recognizable emotion like anger, happiness and fear, when reading a facial expression, love is the most complex affect we can experience in the process of celebrating the essence of our humanity. But why is this beautiful gift from the Source so difficult to own as we dare to seek and share its exquisite offering? Because as any other worthy endeavor, love requires a courageous commitment to accept the gift.

Unfortunately, the intimate language of love we learn can be entangled with archetypal wounds our cultural editors teach us while coauthoring belongingness and shared joy. Consequently, in order to free love from these cultural mandates, we must individuate into outlier consciousness, never expecting vindication from those who taught us self-doubt.

Intrigued? Join the Biocognitive community for a new series all on love called Guardians of the Heart. In this method of bonding, couples or individuals seeking a wellness path to relationships will embrace a way of interacting with self and each other, that not only heals archetypal wounds, but also triggers immunological enhancement for healthy longevity. Learn to heal, rather than wound your loving union.

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