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Time Perception on the Path to Longevity

Time is the duration of space. An affordance rather than a contributor to your actions. Time does not heal wounds. It rather affords duration for the immune system to do the healing. Time does not tell. Your actions do.

As time relates to longevity, centenarians, our teachers of duration wellness, have a unique mindscape that elongates their perception of time. Biology is highly influenced by our interpretation of time. Living in the urgent present compresses the perception of time, triggering stress hormones, by imposing a hyperalarm where time becomes your executioner.

Shifting from pursuing the quantity of time to the quality of space duration, paradoxically removes the taskmaster to embrace a centenarian consciousness where time simply is affordance rather than contributor to wellness for self-in-the-world.

Agency empowers duration to enact a path for healthy longevity. Explore the horizons of immortality with your Methuselah Self. All the time in the world to cultivate quality rather than quantity for the duration of life.

Such is the way of The Drift...

Contextualizing Time

For more comprehensive details read The MindBody Code

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