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The Theater of Change: Beyond Meditation

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

While meditation relaxes the body and quiets the mind, contemplative enactment is a biocognitive method to rewrite dysfunctional life scripts in a mindbody theater where we are the director, playwright, main character, and audience conducting change.

Just as we learn dysfunctional scripts from cultural editors of our past, and coauthors who confirm our living them in the present, the contemplative stage allows rewrites to individuate beyond the tribal pale. Rather than superficial word gymnastics incapable of infusing intellect to embodied action, contemplative consciousness brings coherence between mind rehearsals and body assimilation of the operational components in the rehearsals. Analogous to how actors learn scripts before playing them to their audiences: A process of reality-making from an as if world.

The power of producing functional plays in the theater of change is that the new scripts we rehearse in the safety of contemplative consciousness, generate neuromaps in our brain with corresponding nervous, endocrine, and immune system correlates that replicate enacted action. A way of writing award-winning plays in a mindbody realm.

Such is the way of the Drift ...

The Theater of Change: Beyond Meditation

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