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The Shallowness of Pronouns

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Don't get lost in pronouns. Find yourself in character. Names are labels, and pronouns are labels of labels. But character is what defines your existential elegance during adversity. A choice to enter your nobleness or capitulate to your fears.

If others choose to embrace confusion of selfhood, acknowledge them without sharing their confusion. Invite them to experience your serenity while they struggle to find themselves based on their need for sameness. Meanwhile, continue to cultivate character at the expense of banishment from herd mentality.

Celebrate your gift of uniqueness without concerns for acceptance by mediocrity. Character survives labels just as dignity transcends the world of vulgar eyes. But you must engage courage to defy the confused who incessantly attempt to impose their conundrum.

Life is a journey of discovery. A challenge to love as if you were immortal and face your challenges as if you were invincible. Drop the labels and give permission to the confused not to like your Selfhood.

Such is the way of the Drift...

Entering Character

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