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The Private Journey of Self

In this life, we are travelers of our experiences, interpreters of our encounters. Yet, we embrace the illusion that events happen to us without options to participate in the construction of what we perceive. A happening is merely a potential to contextualize the constituents of the happening.

We are the directors of the mindscapes we design to enact our melodramas. Choose wisely how to orchestrate your plays, how to determine your scripts, and how to designate the coauthors of your embodied time and space.

As you gain awareness of your Thespian gifts, your private journey of self will be empowered to cultivate awakening rather than pseudo enlightenment. Beware of self-proclaimed gurus who pontificate from their thrones of spiritual materialism. Instead, seek imperfect mentors who teach from a deeper level of humbleness. Let creativity confront your adversities with uncertainty as your guide.

Such is the way of The Drift...

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