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The Private Journey of Meaning

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

On our travel through time and space we have two choices. To seek pleasure and avoid pain, or cultivate worthiness in our intrinsic excellence: the hedonic vs eudaemonic life. One lives for the pursuit of happiness and the other to embody joy. Happiness is our visitor and joy is our home.

On the hedonic journey, unpleasant tasks require motivation (rat psychology) to entice behavior that cannot survive on its own, whereas on the eudaemonic path (Aristotelian wisdom), action has a life of its own sustained by meaning rather than rewards. Making a distinction between what makes us happy and what makes us worthy, allows assessing what we are doing to avoid unpleasantness without determining the significance of our actions.

Outliers embrace patience, courage, and faith to generate terrains of meaning for others to follow.

Private Journey of Meaning

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