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The Mystical Warrior: Slayer of Internal Demons and Champion of External Challenges

When Selfhood enacts presence, demons from the prison of nostalgia surface and challenge our worthiness to confront the world of vulgar eyes. A daunting path worthy of our power to access emotional elegance. No one can diminish our self-significance nor question our belongingness without our permission. Yet, we allow others to rob our personal agency and sell us a delusion that we cannot thrive without them.

But how do we let this happen? Because when we give our hearts to the incapable of gratitude, they sting us like scorpions without awareness of the damage they inflict. So, how does the mystical warrior guide us out of Dante’s Inferno? First, we must implicitly explore the uniqueness our journey at all costs. The auspiciousness of ending with the best fit possible in the long run. This requires entering the terrain of profound patience.

Second, choosing the proper archetype determined by the challenging context. If internal, the mystical entity with ancestral wisdom to slay demons of nostalgia. If external, the warrior who can access resources to overcome impositions surfacing as dampers of joy.

The key to valiant empowerment over vicissitudes, is our commitment to cultivate a moral compass capable of discerning between elegant signal and vulgar noise. Fear will surface as denial of our epigenetic endowment from the collective wisdom of our ancestors. Whereas doubt is invitation to relinquish our existential gifts.

Immutable faith in our journey is the antidote to confirm our place in the terrain of meaning that nourishes our Soul. And what is your Soul? Don’t ask, let it surface in your quietude.

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