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Selfing Gratitude

Updated: Jan 11

Gratitude is the capacity to accept gifts from a place of worthiness. Selfing is the embodiment and enactment of self-significance. Selfing gratitude is the process of cultivating worthiness to accept internal excellence and good fortune as well as external validation and gifts from those who also recognize their self-worthiness to coauthor joy and admiration without envy.

The path to self-worthiness, however, requires identifying the thieves of your inherent value and the conditions where the robbery took place when your heart was an open book. Then, you're ready to contextualize a new play in the Theater of Change where you are the director of your destiny.

But this existentially artistic endeavor requires a novel strategy to confront malevolent characters from your old play. Some require boundaries coherent with your new scripts, and others must be fired for their bad acting.

Becoming your own playwright is challenging, but always a better alternative than to surrender directorship to fools with vulgar eyes.

Such is the way of the Drift...

Selfing Gratitude

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