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Seasons of Loneliness

Leonardo da Vinci (1452 -1519) was the most prolific genius in the history of art and science. He never married, and one of his introspective explorations was the realm of loneliness. Rather than fearing his aloneness he chose to see time as affordance of creativity. His muse was his Higher Self and his passion was learning. There's no question worthy companionship is a precious gift, but we must reject enticements from sirens and emotional vampires that drain the energy of our dreams, offering merely illusions exposed by bitter truth.

Illusion is a false belief, and disillusion confirms the falsehood of whom we chose to trust. Revelation of a mirage comes with a truth inviting bitterness or grace. Da Vinci, an illegitimate child with little formal education, afflicted with ADDH, accused of homosexuality by a notorious male prostitute, turned his vicissitudes to virtue when discovering that creativity resides in aloneness.

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