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Meaning in Our Personal Quest

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

Finding meaning in the adversities we encounter in our personal journey is not about resolving our existential anguish, but rather opportunities to reflect on how we respond to our disillusionments. The path of the victim is to frame suffering as unfairness, whereas the choice of the wounded hero is to embrace our humanity with faith in the auspicious meaning of our purpose. Only then, are we empowered to engage our agency and transform fate to destiny.

The wounded hero discovers what can be learned from what is happening more than why it's happening. The hero's journey is riddled with scenarios of potentiality to be contextualized as "poor me" or for determining who are the demons and sirens that must be exorcized. Righteous anger liberates us from the prison of nostalgia. Such is the way of the Drift...

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