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Mapping Our Horizons of Immortality

Although we are unable to determine the duration of our existence and the vicissitudes of our journeys, we can control how we contextualize the terrains of our uncertainties. We can choose the way of the victim, the self-righteous, or the hero. Each provides a template to interpret our experiences as we embody time and space.

The victim seeks opportunities to blame, the self-righteous to judge, and the hero to thrive. But although the path of the hero is the most noble, its insistence on embracing worthiness rather than small mindedness, requires introspective challenges to confront internal demons and sirens, otherwise avoided by negligent eyes. Those who disown their flaws to rationalize their fearful existence.

The hero comes closest to the horizons of immortality because it chooses to love as if immortal. Conversely, smalls minds are reluctant to face their shadows and embrace their hero within. The journey invites dead ends of helplessness or auspicious pathways.

Such is the way of the Drift.

Horizons of Immortality

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