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Loneliness: A Path to Union with Deep Self

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

Experiencing loneliness as lack of companionship, leads to existential dread. But when loneliness is contextualized as opportunity to explore deep self, transformations from aloneness to solitude, and melancholia to curiosity, take place. The Journey can be foreboding because of the false belief that external conditions can bring serenity to internal turmoil.

Dr. John Lilly, researched the realm of deep self using sensory isolation floating tanks to identify what happens when the brain is deprived of external stimulation. He was surprised to find that, when exposed to sensory isolation, the brain orchestrates its own internal ecology he called inperience, to differentiate from experience. Thus, the world of deep self.

In my mindbody work I investigate ways to inperience the realm of deep self, without using sensory isolation floating tanks. The results are fascinating and liberating for all the lonely people, because now we can discover where do they all come from. Loneliness surfaces when we avoid the call from deep self to enter union with eternity. The connection is existential with implicate understanding of transcendence. Timeless serenity in a terrain of eternal loneliness, no longer dependent on externality. Most significant, answers to the conundrum - How can I turn my experience of loneliness to my inperience of solitude?

Such is the way of the Drift...

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