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Life at the Horizons of Uncertainty

On our private journey of selfhood, we seek predictability to navigate the unknown. Yet, uncertainty and its horizons are where we learn and thrive. We are challenged to predict unknown terrains with tools designed to confirm the expected. Analogous to traveling through unknown Athens with a map of known Manhattan.

The horizons of uncertainty emerge in a terrain of novelty that can only be interpreted with the language of complexity, replacing Euclidean geometry with fractal dimensions of time and space. Segmented linearity morphs to non-linear iterations where each segment contains the totality of the hologram. An incidence of self-organizing criticality.

So, how does this shifting relate to the journey of selfhood? Interpretations require discovering contextual meaning based on soon-to-unfold events rather than from what has transpired. The horizons of uncertainty are potentialities from the present as oracles of auspicious futures. Prospective meaning embodied from relational incompleteness. Such is the way of the Drift…

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