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Inquiry Into Nothingness

Nothingness can be explored with Western and Eastern contemplative models of inquiry. Experiencing nothingness is a contemplative method where you seek what you cannot find. At some point in this paradoxical state of inquiry you sense that you know more than you can tell. When you’re not seeing what is there, you enter the portal of nothingness where everything comes from.

Of course, language can only describe contemplative experiences without conveying the felt meaning of the experience. Experiencing nothingness requires detaching from language and context in order to enter a pristine realm where unknowingness takes place to reveal deeper states of consciousness.

One of the values of exploring these methods of intuiting without the aid of reasoning and meaning-seeking, is recognizing that consciousness encompasses layers of complexity beyond mathematics and algorithms: more than tools designed to study mechanical/material systems.

I propose that mind is not an epiphenomenon of biology, but rather the awesome co-emergence of brain and it's phenomenology. A process where material functions coauthor immaterial content giving birth to consciousness. The material constituents (brain) entangle with the immaterial realm (cognition) to orchestrate consciousness in culturally driven contexts.

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