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Inquiries on Love

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Love is the ultimate expression of existential elegance. An experience that, although a robust constituent of our essence, remains incapable of detection in facial expression unlike happy, sad, fear, and other more primal affects: Our first clue of why love is not a simple emotion. It is rather a convergence of our exalted emotions and higher cognitions experienced at the horizons of immortality and invincibility.

We can be robbed of our freedom, health, wealth, and life, but never of our choice to love and be loved. And no, love cannot be vulgarized by attributing its presence to laws of attraction or whims from a Universe whose sole mission is perpetual expansion.

Given the ethereal nature and infinite enticements from its abode of capricious plumes, love is the terrain of meaning beyond words capable of weaving opus dreams and unimaginable attainments.

We must learn to travel in serenity knowing love is a celebration to be shared with grace, and released with gratitude when the gift expires.

Such is the way of the Drift.

Inquiries on Love

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