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Ghosting at the End of Love

Pondering Storms from the Private Journey of Self

Ghosting, at the end of a relationship, is a cowardly act from those who choose the world of vulgar eyes. These reprehensible individuals are unworthy of nostalgia. Yet, the language of the heart continues to unconditionally love, despite warnings from the rational mind to desist.

Eventually, by adhering to the path of emotional elegance, rather than depending on the passing of time, the heart blossoms to love again untainted by painful memories. And what is emotional elegance? Cultivating a moral compass that intuits to offer roses when expecting thorns, judging imperfections from the totality of a relationship, exploring the depth of vertical love, and burning ships of doubt that feed on the existential dread of abandonment, shame and betrayal.

Are we foolish lovers? No, only fools fail to embrace the most precious gift from a heart that knows more than it can tell.

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