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Finding Your Prophet Archetype

Paulo Zas is a minor character who shows up unexpectedly to bring lyrical poetry to the narrate of my psychological novel The Man from Autumn. Lately, I have felt this need to grant him audience. Every action we take in our Journey of Selfhood has implicit or explicit reasons to surface. I have been pondering why Paulo is currently taking center stage in my life. Why now? I wrote the novel years ago, and since then, I have noticed how the stories I created have served as oracles predicting scenarios unfolding in the encounters of my world.

Paulo Zas is an aging titan searching for his muse as inspiration to move mountains, while elegantly accepting that if life passed without her, the mountains would weep for him. Similarly, as I assess the present challenges in my own emotional space, a relationship I cherished, abruptly ended with ghosting as the final installment of ingratitude. Now, I realize she loved my biocognitive theory more than she loved me: a convoluted compliment from Hades.

So, back to Paulo. I finally understand his quest for the sweet unfolding of his journey, and his uncompromising commitment to share mystical ways with a worthy partner. I now concede, Paulo has much more to offer as the preeminent prophet archetype to help me decipher the meaning of my options.

In the process of moving forward, I had to slay demons, repel sirens, and release emotional vampires from a tainted ecology of mind. I courageously learned that the driving force to overcome my storms was a relentless trust in my journey and gratitude for auspicious opportunities deeply hidden in my vicissitudes.

More to come from Paulo Zas…

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