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Feeling Sorrow vs. Feeling Sorry for Yourself

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Freedom from Victimhood

There are times when feeling sorrow for yourself is necessary to heal archetypal wounds, but never feel sorry for yourself.

Biocognitive Lexicon

Archetypal Wounds — Abandonment, Shame and Betrayal: Tribal punishments for stepping beyond the pale.

Righteous Anger — One of the causes of health: Anger toward those who violate your innocence and goodwill or of those you love.

Sorrow for Self — Mindbody recognition of desolation, isolation, gloominess, broken-heartedness or any other melancholic emotions, without abandoning the courageous within you. Feeling sorrow for self in a terrain of embraced worthiness. You embody the wounded hero archetype with resilience to heal and thrive.

Sorry for Yourself — Allowing lamenting conditions to rob your worthiness. “Poor me,” is the essence of feeling sorry for yourself. You embody the victimhood archetype without hope for recovery.

Victimhood — Using your vicissitudes as a badge to control others. To be victimized is an act of aggression toward you that requires healing. If you use your pain to manipulate others, you enter victimhood.

Wounded Hero —Recognizing and healing your emotional pain within the realm of worthiness. Understanding that emotional wounds are your permission for external adversity to disempower you.

Liberating Pathways 1. Identify whether you’re feeling sorry or sorrow for yourself.

2. If the condition is sorry for yourself, bring embodied righteous anger to the rescue. Victimhood is denial of justifiable anger. After you feel the anger, allow it to dissipate and follow the number 3 instructions. The righteous anger moves you from victim to wounded hero.

3. If the condition is feeling sorrow for yourself, allow it to settle within you. Then engage and embody memories of courageous, honorable, and compassionate action for yourself or others you love. You can also include righteous anger if warranted, but always allowing the ager to move on after identified.

4. Allow the lauded memories to engulf you until you begin to feel the mindbody healing that is taking place.

5. Celebrate discovering the strength that remains hidden within you until you engage your worthiness in the face of sorrow: an expression of existential elegance.

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