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Feedforward Events: Portals of Synchronicity

Feedforward is a term used in engineering for designs that anticipate unfolding conditions in the near future. In my biocognitive mindbody theory I define feedforward as a portal to synchronicity. A celebration of soon-to-unfold events where the significance surfaces in the future. Entrance to a dimension of complex interconnectedness.

Imagine a bioinformational field containing archives of past events, immediate present awareness, and high probabilities of a soon-to-unfold future. The contextualizing of our personal journey establishes a past that informs our present, and increases the possibility of entangling scenarios for the future. A combination of linear construction and complexity merging a synchronicity of what could be with what will be.

The effects of biocognitive feedforward are maximized by celebrating a future event in the present without knowing what is celebrated. I propose four terrains for the unknown feedforward celebration: gratitude, generosity, admiration, and curiosity. Each provides a biocognition to celebrate an unknown future event.

Although the feedforward method may seem counterintuitive because celebrations are responses to a known condition, embodying emotions before their historical time (affective prolepsis), opens mindfulness registries to detect portals of synchronicity: curiosity for out-of-order events, gratitude for finding hidden meaning, generosity to share the experience, and admiration for the interconnectedness of the experience.

Such is the way of the Drift...

Feedforward Event

For more comprehensive details read The MindBody Code

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