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Existential Elegance or Perdition

In the process of living our journeys, storms from Dante's Inferno make their presence to taunt our hero or victim archetypes. If we choose existential elegance, we draw from our invincibility, but if we capitulate to victimhood, we are compelled to the path of perdition.

And what are the terrains for our choices? Existential elegance engages eudaemonic embodiment of Aristotelian commitment to cultivate pleasure in meaning, purpose, and service - whereas victimhood avoids pain and seeks hedonic pleasure.

Entering existential elegance in times of Dantean storms, tames fear with exalted emotions from archives of epigenetic thriving. Conversely, wearing the cloak of victimhood leads to the gates of perdition, beckoning addictions, compulsions, obsessions, and other avoidance strategies to delay the inevitable.

Existential elegance requires initial pain to confront despair followed by the serenity of resolution. Yet, some choose the road to perdition for distractions from impending torment, enslaving selfhood to interminable rehearsals of unresolved hell.

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