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Debunking the Trauma Industry

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Trauma is a serious distressing experience at the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. Especially when the trauma happens during childhood. A time when vulnerability to the effects of suffering is at its highest susceptibility. Yet, to blame society as the culprit, sets the stage for victimhood. There are no toxic societies, as some proponents of what I call the Trauma Industry propose. Instead, there are toxic people given power in societies who instill suffering on the innocent.

Rather than promoting another generation of victims, my passionate objective is to identify the hidden hero, and access over one hundred-fifty thousand years of ancestral history passed on epigenetically to overcome challenges without falling into victimhood.

There is irrefutable evidence from the interdisciplinary field of psychoneuroimmunology showing learned helplessness is alarmingly bad for our health. This is the helplessness that the trauma industry promotes to support their political agenda of blaming societies rather than individual predators.

We must pushback with the support of scientists who have not lost their backbone for fear of admonishment from the Trauma Industry who believe they have a monopoly on caring.

Debunking the Trauma Industry

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