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Compassionate Narcissism

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

Narcissists lack the capacity for compassion. So how can they be compassionate? They are not. Instead, since narcissists excel at manipulating others, compassion becomes a tool to exploit by pretending to care. But pseudo-caring quickly turns to rage and intolerance when narcissists are confronted with ideas challenging their distorted moral compass. Since their positions are easily exposed by logical consistency, narcissists resort to insults rather than introspection, relativism rather than depth, and damaging their detractors rather than confronting intellectual challenges.

Thus, compassionate narcissism is an oxymoron to be exposed. One effective method for healthy debate, is for reason to determine outcome in a terrain of mutual respect where vulgarity is perceived as intellectual impotence. Nevertheless, beware of compassionate narcissists. They are disguised wolves preying on innocence, and sirens enticing their victims to reefs of unworthiness.

Such is the way of the Drift...

Compassionate Narcissism
Compassionate Narcissism

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