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Becoming Celebration

Celebration is the experience of giving value worthy of pleasure to a person or event. The occasion can be as specific as birthdays or as general as life, determining pleasure derived from the choice. But what if you become the source to draw pleasure? Then, you are the celebration, free of external conditions, because you are the choice. A novel approach to celebration by determining worthiness from within. Why? Because to derive pleasure from a celebration, requires valuation. In other words, is the commemoration worthy?

And yes, this celebratory becomingness is grounded on internal valuation. An incidental learning method to explore self-significance. Embodying celebration, however, entails cultivating worthiness, sharing the pleasure with the worthy, and weaving the celebratory experience to your fabric of selfhood.

Reaching this depth of embodiment by becoming the source, frees you from needing conditions to celebrate. Then, when other celebratory possibilities come your way, they enter the terrain of added value. Self and celebration become one, creating an ecology of gratitude.

Such is the way of the Drift...

Becoming Celebration

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