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An Ecology of Selfhood

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

Although as Homo sapiens we left the forest millennia ago, the forest never left us. We are living ecologies interacting in organic terrains, assuming urbanity erased our bio-symbolic fabric. We bring plants to our homes, offer gifts of flowers, and seek serenity on our nature walks. We hopelessly attempt separation from our source of vitality and existential reflection, eventually landing on the emptiness of isolation.

Modernity attempts to replace green leaves with polished metal, and brown wood with iconic plastic. Are we doomed beyond the forest? No, because our Ecology of Self carries epigenetic memory beckoning enactment of organic consciousness for the journey of discovery. While iSelf feeds on digital technology, Self is nourished with organic meaning. The silent wisdom of the forest gains voice when we give audience to the Earth.

Such is the way of the Drift...

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