Romeo y Julieta

Romeo y Julieta


The Contemplative Forest Series


Signed and numbered limited edition of 75 giclée prints on fine arts paper.


From original digital photograph.


8" X 12"


No, no somos ni Romeo ni Julieta 

actores de un romance sin final,

no, no somos ni Romeo ni Julieta,

ni estamos en la Italia medieval.

No, nosotros no tenemos que enfrentarnos,

con nadie que se oponga a nuestro amor,

pues, pues todo es diferente en nuestros días,

y hoy brilla el sol radiante de esplendor.


No, we are neither Romeo nor Juliet

actors of an endless romance,

no, we are neither Romeo nor Juliet,

nor are we in Italy of medieval stance.

No, we don't have to be confronted,

with anyone who opposes all our love,

well, everything is different in our day,

and today the sun shines radiantly above.


Inspired by Karina

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