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Watercolor on paper.


9" X 12"


Walking Away from Your Demons:


Don Quixote is one of my favorite literary characters because Cervantes exemplifies the power we have to create our own tormentors. I propose that we can walk away from the demons we create by replacing our lance of fear and critical view of others, with a torch of love guiding us toward our personal excellence and compassion for our imperfections. The transition begins when you ask what is working in your life, who loves you enough to battle for you, and when can you give a rose to those expecting thorns? It's not an easy task as long as you focus on being right rather than simply being.


In this painting below, titled "Challenging Windmills," Don Quixote walks away from the tormenting monsters he created out of windmills, and although you see the residual exhaustion on his face, his hopeful eyes are looking forward to a brighter future lit by the torch he exchanged for his lance.

Challenging Windmills

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