Joe McDaniel: Ancient Wall




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"In order to live a new wellness paradigm, we must have novel language to guide the journey."

Dr. Mario Martinez

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Dr. Mario Martinez, Biocognitive Science
Joe McDaniel: Ancient Wall
Image by Nong Vang

The Man From Autumn

is a navigational mindscape for the private journey of Self, concealed in a psychological novel. My intention is to take the reader on a path that explores a non-linear world of meaningful coincidences and other mystical experiences, where joy is the rule and anguish the exception. The imagery this work can elicit, transforms a mundane existence of the known into portals of discovery that affirm love, health and longevity, as our inherent rights rescued from a dimension of fear.

Image by Ryan Spencer

Session 1: Chapters 1-3

"I accept the challenge, and I will christen him... Breogán."

Returning to live and write in the Miami of his youth was haunting at best for Enrique Lugo. Coming home triggered memories of surfing with his friends by the dilapidated South Beach art deco neighborhood of his youth. The beautiful people prancing Ocean Drive were an event of the future.

Image by Caleb Miller

Session 2: Chapters 4-9

"You've gone too deep to return to the world of vulgar eyes."

The pressure was on. Enrique had to keep his promise to write a surprise ending for Breogán. Why did he create those challenges? He smiled reflecting he was perhaps making commitments to his own imagination.

Image by Kadir Celep

Session 3: Chapters 10-13

"... but if life passed without her, the mountains would weep for him."

Cape Fisterra has some of the most treacherous reefs in the world. The infamous Petoncino and Centola rocks outlining the coast have claimed countless shipwrecks dating back to the earliest Galician maritime history. Extending as the most western point of Europe, Cape Fisterra was considered the end of the world in the Middle Ages. The Roman general Decimus Brutus, known as the Galician, was horrified when he first witnessed from the Cape how the sun disappears into the vast ocean.

Image by Greg Willson

Session 4: Chapters 14-19

"A moment in time and space when self disowns motive."

Enrique woke up mid-afternoon. He had a clock shaped like a pyramid by his bed and when he pressed the tip, a synthesized voice with a Japanese accent would tell the precise time. There was a block of hours in the middle of the night where the accent was so thick he was unable to track his patterns of insomnia. He had been writing for twelve hours until he decided to stop at six am and get some rest. He tested his internal clock every morning against the programmed voice, and this time he was notably off when it announced it was three twenty-six pm.

Image by Jonny Gios

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