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This video is part of a series of lessons that I teach during my power walks in the forest. Each presentation consists of a mini-lesson from my theory and practice of Biocognitive Science. You will experience the contemplative forest walk with me and enjoy the subtitles that affirm the paradigm shift I am offering.


This 10 minute video expands on previous lessons I have presented on a topic I call The Prison of Nostalgia. In Ancient Greece, when citizens committed a serious crime, rather than imprisoning or executing them, they were banished knowing that disconnection from the group was worse than death.


Banishment or the loss of someone or something valuable in the past creates the deep longing that I call The Prison of Nostalgia. I am proposing an alternative learned from outliers who moved on from the helplessness of banishment to the empowerment of creating new tribes and new lives better than what they thought they lost.


In this video you'll learn to identify the condition and find freedom from longing for a past that robs the joy of your present. Enjoy and be free.


This material is intellectual property of Dr. Mario Martinez and the Biocognitive Science Institute not to be shared or resold.

Further Lessons on the Prison of Nostalgia

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