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The Persistence of Emotional Elegance

Emotional elegance is not about what feels good or having a self-righteous monopoly on morality. In fact, at times, emotional elegance can feel as the most challenging option. But since these deeply existential decisions are not made based on pleasure or the avoidance of pain, feelings are replaced with grounding selfhood in the rightness of the moment. And what does that mean? To choose what enacts significance for self-in-the-world and those we choose to love.

There’s no better oracle on our personal journey than to constantly remind ourselves of our choice to engage love with awareness of our end.

We persist in opening our hearts as if we were immortal. That is why angels are jealous of our courage to love knowing there’s termination in our existential magic. But what lies beyond? Only the gods know, and we are grateful they will never tell us. Such is the way of the Drift….

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