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The MindBody Code Book

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

A Quest for Self

In The MindBody Code I explore the inner journey of Self as more than a metaphor. The internal quest for selfhood is one of the most significant inquiries we can engage.

Why? Because when we look at the world around us we assume there's a universal physicality rather than a culturally constructed reality that can be molded like the clay of a sculptor.

But what if you can’t find any evidence?

The evidence for the private journey is not measurable with tools designed for machines. It is rather a contemplative observation of processes approximating personal excellence.

In The MindBody Code I deconstruct the collective beliefs of our culture and offer tools to individuate into outlier consciousness. But just as significant, you learn how the tribe admonishes you into collectivist compliance.

The book offers a personal invitation for the reader to creatively delve into the concepts of longevity, relationships, how cultures wound and heal, the mystery of forgiveness, success phobia, and psycho-spiritual conflicts that mimic psychiatric disorders.

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To learn more tools for your personal journey, join our monthly webinar on Healing the Wounded Hero.

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