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The Man from Autumn: Excerpts

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

Paulo Zas: The Mystical Minstrel

"Ladies and gentlemen tonight we are very pleased to bring you a rare treat. No preambles are needed to present a living legend: Paulo Zas.” The owner of the hostel was visibly moved as he made the introduction.

The dining audience stood and applauded vigorously to welcome a man dressed in black with longish greying hair and beard. His face carried grace and pain: someone who had paid a high price for his rebellion without remorse or need for pity. He spoke in Galician with a sonorous voice. Paulo could be performing at Carnegie Hall, but he chose a select group of compatriots and cultured tourists to share that evening.

His songs spoke of our quest to be understood although we can’t begin to understand ourselves. How he was growing old unwilling to compromise his vision of a mate who could sense his loneliness from a smile and read tenacity from his fatigue. If she could only love him, he would move mountains, but if life passed without her, the mountains would weep for him.

The audience was awestruck by this aging titan. He transposed the room to a stage where each member could perform their secret dramas with the ideal lover or loyal friend they never had.

The last verse of his closing song perhaps heralded an impending feedforward:

"I sail melodies that roam my head to reach the earth’s flaming bottom. What’s the path my life has led? With every turn I end in autumn."

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