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The Man From Autumn

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Embodying Worthiness

What would happen if you began to see yourself as brilliant, beautiful, and deserving of all the good fortune that could come your way? Very little would happen if you leave those considerations in your head.

Why? Because your brain needs to confirm the credibility of your wishes based on evidence from your embodied history.

But what if you can’t find any evidence?

Then you begin to create it in your infinite present: Live your brilliance with humility and your beauty with gratitude so that you can accept your good fortune without fear.

I just released the latest revised edition of The Man From Autumn - my first and favorite book that sets the foundation for my two non-fiction best sellers The MindBody Code and The MindBody Self.

As it relates to the subject of worthiness, The Man From Autumn teaches how to cultivate the self-valuation needed to live in sustainable joy without the sabotaging demons of your past. Each character represents an archetype containing ingredients for passionate relationships, celebration of life, and navigating the private journey of self.

The tenets in this book will be taught and explored in an upcoming book study with students of Biocognitive Science.


  1. More tools for The Journey of Self

  2. Purchase the book at Amazon.

  3. Invite a coauthor of wellness from your world to join you on this quest.

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