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Selfing Worthiness

Selfing is a biocognitive term I introduce to describe the process of becoming within what we perceive as our identity. Selfing entails embodying and enacting what we embrace as our own conceptualized oneness. Embodiment is the mindbody awareness of how we experience process, and enactment is the time/space expression of what we experience. Selfing assimilates and engages what we incorporate to our identity across contexts.

Rather than having a fixed self, our human complexity requires contextual recognition of who we are within internal and external conditions. Yet, there is an implicit awareness of the unique process that grounds us to experience our personal journey without losing selfhood. This existential compass is what we explore in the selfing of worthiness. A consciousness of purposely becoming substantive.

To engage the selfing of worthiness, I propose an ecological model where we are a processing entity seeking valuation within a terrain of self-significance. The attributes to incorporate must have meaning as measure of character value. Then worthiness can be embodied and enacted by meriting our experiences, and how the experiences unfold within our own ecology to coauthor existential elegance with others.

Such is the way of the Drift...

Selfing Worthiness

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