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Liberation from Demons of Self-Doubt

What is the source of the demons that haunt your serenity? Do these intrusions that

manifest as foreboding thoughts and disillusioning scripts have a purpose other than to

rob your joy? Or are they mere patterns of contextual reminders from painful memories?

But what could be the relevance? Affordances to damper good fortune? Fear of

offending tribal mediocracy?

Liberation comes by embracing the legacy from your ancestral heroes who overcame

colossal adversities by choosing to live with courageous joy. Such is the way of the

wisdom found in undulations of the Drift. Like most conundrums, however, their secret

triggering mechanism must be discovered and enacted before the liberation can begin.

In the case of these demons that feed on self-deception, their antidote resides in the

terrain of valiant defiance.

Easier said than done. So here is the path: Do not rely on motivation, the Universe

covering your back, or wishful thinking. Simply, jump into the Leap of Faith we learned

from Kierkegaard. Burn your ships of dread and jump into epigenetic excellence.

Nothing more – nothing less. Why? Because you are greater than your entrenched tribal

limitations. No amount of enticement from cheerleading charlatans can surpass your

intuitive resilience.

Learned fear responses had a preservation function some time in your life to avoid

danger, harsh criticism, or any other form of harm. Yet, the fear responses continue

beyond their initial protection function. Why? Because unlearning dysfunctional

behavior requires understanding how fear is rationalized as prudence, cautiousness, or

indecisiveness to avoid confronting the demons of self-doubt.

The leap of faith is grounded on intelligent risk-taking rather than foolish rushing in.

New endeavors require interpreting mistakes as gradual approximations to desired

goals. In other words, when a strategy fails to yield expected results, identify what

interfered with your successful progress rather than concluding personal failure.

Trust the Journey carved by your inner wisdom and shed the demons that thrive on your

self-imposed helplessness.

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